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Vaccine Epidemiology

Vaccine Epidemiology

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Vaccines are the most effective tool for the prevention of many infectious diseases and epidemiological research is essential in assessing vaccine protection. Vaccine epidemiology is the study of the interactions and effects of vaccines (and vaccination programs) on the epidemiology of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Our consultants have been involved in epidemiological research projects and a series of systematic literature reviews, meta-analysis and meta-regression analysis to:

  • assess the effectiveness of Chinese COVID-19 vaccines in Latin America and the Caribbean (COVEP study).
  • examine laboratory-confirmed influenza attack rates reported in clinical trials.
  • examine the global microbiology of the middle ear fluid, the serotype and antimicrobial resistance distribution and the potential impact of pneumococcal conjugate vaccination in pediatric patients with otitis media.
  • quantify under ascertainment of respiratory syncytial virus infection based on diagnostic testing limitations.
  • examine the burden and serotype distribution of invasive pneumococcal disease.